Study with us

The founders of CWASU – Mary MacLeod and Esther Saraga – had a vision of linking research, training and policy development. They both taught in the social work department and had a keen interest in practice being informed by research, long before the concept of ‘evidenced based practice’ became popular. As a consequence training was a core activity of CWASU for many years, and remains part of what we do.

CWASU has developed and delivered training, offering one, two and three-day courses on:

  • basic awareness of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault and violence against women more broadly;
  • working with adult survivors of sexual abuse in childhood;
  • the links between disability and sexual abuse;
  • the links between domestic violence and child protection;
  • sexual abuse by women;
  • child protection policies for refuges;
  • perpetrators’ programmes:  children and IPV;
  • developing integrated VAWG strategies;
  • trafficking;
  • organised abuse.

These courses are provided for multi-agency groups, and for single agencies.

Over the years CWASU has played a part in developing training for professionals from a feminist perspective and in encouraging and enabling the involvement of women’s organisations working on gender violence in training. Through our work with the British Council, we have also provided training overseas in many countries on the issues outlined above, as well as on research and developing awareness raising campaigns