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  • 1 Mar 2021

    Online Short Course In Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young People

    Join us in May and June 2021 for a 6 day course in sexual exploitation of children and young people. This course will extend your knowledge base including an exploration of definitions, prevalence, intervention and protection, perpetrators and policy and legislation. Historical continuities in the form and nature of sexual

  • 27 Sep 2021

    Joining the Dots: International Conversations on Violence Against Women

    Facilitated by our visiting Prof Purna Sen, we are running a webinar series from October – December 2021, which seeks to promote shared learning in efforts to end violence against women. About the Series Listening to and learning from each other in our work to

  • 28 May 2019

    Short Course: ​Sexual Violence

    Due to COVID-19 this short course will be delivered virtually.  Join us for our 6 day short course on Sexual Violence this coming February. The course will focus on forms of sexual violence in childhood and adulthood, exploring topics including: incidence prevalence and reporting theoretical and explanatory frameworks impacts and

MA in Woman and Child Abuse

Study with us!

This course will provide you with a comprehensive grounding in woman and child abuse studies, including theory, research, policy and practice.

Short Course: ​Sexual Exploitation of Children and Young People

Study with us!

Reflecting the work of CWASU, our short courses focus on what we know about the different forms of abuse.