Women, Violence and Male Power: Feminist Research, Activism and Practice

This book presents 12 papers that have stemmed from the work of the researchers and activists.

January 1, 1996


Making public the issue of sexual violence – men’s violence to women and children – has been a major feminist success story of the past couple of decades. This book gives an important insight into the new issues and questions that have become central to our understanding of sexual violence and abuse, and the new directions in which research in this area has developed. It is a collection of the many exciting ideas, discussions and developments arising from the work of the researchers and activists who are part of the British Sociological Association Violence Against Women Study Group. It reflects a shared commitment to research that centres on the material reality of women’s lives and assists the generation of strategies for change. The authors explore differences in women’s experiences and how these relate to different ways of coping with men’s violence.

Available from: NCJRS

  • Authors:
    Jill Radford, Liz Kelly, Marianne Hester