What a Waste: The Case for an Integrated Violence Against Women Strategy

March 1, 2005


Commissioned by the Women’s National Commission (WNC), this puts forward an argument for an integrated, long-term government-led strategy for addressing violence against women and girls. Analysis was undertaken of the most recent targets and initiatives of all government departments in order to assess the extent to which gender equality and violence against women are mainstreamed.

The document includes information on:

  • The prevalence of violence against women;
  • The connections between different forms of violence and abuse;
  • The costs of violence;
  • The impacts of violence on women and girls;
    -Violence against women as an issue of human rights and equality;
  • The current government approach to violence against women;
  • Examples of strategic approaches

The final section outlines the basic elements such a strategy should encompass, including core aims and approaches, as well as identifying some of the key benefits to government and potential stakeholders.
On 28th February 2005 WNC, supported by Amnesty International UK, launched What a Waste at Portcullis House. A range of speakers for the voluntary and statutory sectors supported the call for a strategy and Harriet Harman, the Solicitor General, responded on behalf of the government. As a direct result Liz Kelly was invited to debate the issues on Women’s Hour with Baroness Scotland, the Minister who carries the brief on both domestic violence and rape and sexual assault. The underlying research is underpinning ongoing work by the WNC to inform an audit of departmental responses year on year.

Available to view at the WNC website.

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Available from: Women’s National Commission (WNC) Email: wnc@dti.gsi.gov.uk Website: http://wnc.equalities.gov.uk/

  • Authors:
    Liz Kelly, Jo Lovett
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