Strengthening Relationships, Building Futures: An Evaluation of the nia project Family Learning Programme

December 6, 2011


This evaluation was commissioned by the nia project to explore both processes and outcomes of the Family Learning Programme (FLP). The programme delivered, from April 2008 to July 2011, family learning opportunities through play to mothers/carers and their children from black, minority ethnic and refugee (BMER) communities who are affected by domestic violence. Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, the programme developed interventions through one-off workshops and eight week programmes. The specific aims of the FLP were to enable:

children and mothers/carers to participate and enjoy educational activities;
children to develop skills, including language and literacy, communication, social skills and physical development, as well as increasing confidence;
mothers/carers to develop new or existing practical skills, enabling them to support their children’s learning, improve parenting skills and develop communication and self esteem;
children and mothers to learn age appropriate safety planning skills;
mothers/carers to interact better with their children and report an improved mother-child relationship.

The FLP especially sought to support the relationship between mothers/carers and their children in the aftermath of domestic violence. Success of the programme was seen to be: an improved relationship between mothers and their children reflected in spending quality time together and an enhanced understanding of the effects of domestic violence on children on the part of mothers/carers; mothers and children learning new skills and undertaking new activities; improved confidence and social interaction.