Children’s Perspectives on Domestic Violence

January 1, 2002


The research methodology and the problems encountered when studying a subject such as domestic violence, coupled with the ethical problems of researching with children, are discussed at length in the book. This gives a good insight into the intricacies of conducting such a research study. The research looked not only at children who were known to have direct contact with domestic violence, but also what children in general thought and felt about domestic violence.

Drawing on the newest research designed to hear the voices of children and young people, this important book examines children’s experiences and perspectives on living with domestic violence. The authors explore:

– the effect of domestic violence on children

– what children say would help them most in coping with domestic violence

– the advice children would offer other children who find themselves in similar circumstances, their mothers and the helping professions.

  • Authors:
    Audrey Mullender, Gill Hague, Umme F Imam, Liz Kelly, Ellen Malos, Linda Regan