Young Women’s Vulnerabilities and Needs- An Internal Briefing Document

January 1, 1999


This review of what is known about violence against young women was prepared by way of online UK and international data searches, and the collation and secondary analysis of an array of research data held by CWASU. Findings and commentary on this analysis are presented in relation to specific forms of violence against women, including: rape and sexual assault; domestic violence; sexual exploitation; harmful cultural practices; and other related issues. The review reveals that young women are vulnerable to a range of forms of physical and sexual violence, and especially vulnerable to certain forms, which affect them disproportionately. It demonstrates clear implications for the kinds of works and types of services that might offer young women support and increase their own resources and sense of self-worth.

Internal Briefing Paper: Violence Against Women: Young Women’s Vulnerabilities and Needs – An Internal Briefing Document for the YWCA

Sponsor: YWCA

  • Project Team:
    Liz Kelly, Sue Griffiths