The Problem of Trafficking of Women and Children in Eastern India

January 1, 2003


This project will focus on trafficking in women and children in Eastern India (specifically on the border of Bangladesh and Nepal). Involving secondary analysis, direct field work, and public awareness raising workshops it will undertake the following:

  • an assessment of the extent of trafficking in this area from existing secondary records and independent studies;
  • identification of some of the key trafficking routes;
  • an analysis of the impact on trafficking of the liberal trade regime and the openness of the economy;
  • an exploration of the linkages between the feminisation of poverty, the motivation to migrate and trafficking;
  • an overview of the effectiveness of the existing trafficking laws to tackle this problem;
  • the dissemination of alternative opportunities to trafficking open to families below the poverty line;
  • a counter trafficking public awareness campaign.

CWASU are involved in this Project as consultants on research methodology and analysis.

Grant Holder: The Women’s Studies Research Centre, University of Calcutta

Sponsor: The DfID Gender & Development Small Projects Fund

  • Project Team:
    Linda Regan, Liz Kelly