Study and Report on Lapdancing

January 18, 2004


The study was requested to support the Glasgow CityCouncil’s concerns about lap dancing and table dancing. This is the first of its kind in the UK, based largely on observations within the six clubs, and interviews with key actord and informants.


  • Lap dancing clubs are part of the sex industry;
  • Lap dancing is increasingly normalised;
  • The buying and selling of sexual services does occur in some lap dance clubs;
  • Current licensing conditions are inadequate;
  • Working conditions and terms of employment of lap dancers are exploitative;
  • Dancers are subjected to humiliation and sexual harassment on a regular basis, from customers and staff/management;


  • Local authorities should have wider powers regarding licensing;
  • Clubs should be licensed under the same conditions as sex shops;
  • Employment practice and working conditions for the dancers should be conditions of the license;
  • Regularise licensing regulation and codes of conduct for dancers and club rules/conditions;
  • Subject to regular, obligatorychecks,licensing/enforcement staff;

See Research Report:Profitable Exploits! Lap Dancing in the UK

Grant Holder: CWASU

Sponsor: Glasgow City Council

  • Project Team:
    Julie Bindel