Review of inter-agency communication in child protection cases

January 1, 1995


This internal project explored the ways in which workers from various agencies such as the social services, police and schools communicate with each other in their work on child protection cases. It also examined the manner in which Child Protection Plans are designed and whether or not they are adhered to. By tracking a small number of child protection cases in four neighbourhood offices, researchers considered the level of communication between all agencies involved, attendance of agency workers at Child Protection Conferences and any progress that is made between these Conferences. It was found that many of the barriers to effective links and joint working were practical – such as not being able to contact relevant individuals because of engaged telephones or work commitments. The report sets out a number of recommendations as to how current practice might be improved.

Internal Report: Information Exchange, Communication or Joint Working: A Review of the Effectiveness of Inter-Agency Communication in Child Protection Cases

Grant Holder: CWASU

Sponsor: Islington Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC)

  • Project Team:
    Linda Regan, Liz Kelly