Research and Evaluation: An Internal Briefing Document

January 1, 1996


This paper acts as a guide for anyone who is intending to conduct an evaluation of the Zero Tolerance (ZT) Public Awareness Campaign or to commission any other research in relation to this Campaign. It provides a range of information directed at potential ZT evaluators/researchers, including:

  • a discussion of the difference between research broadly, and evaluation more specifically;
  • an overview of the similarities and differences between completed public awareness campaign evaluations;
  • an exploration of ZT evaluations already undertaken;
  • a discussion of the main findings and specific issues arising from these evaluations so far;
  • recommendations for planning and commissioning a comprehensive ZT evaluation;
  • some suggestions on innovative approaches to research linked to ZT.

Internal Briefing Document: Research and Evaluation: An Internal Briefing Document for The Zero Tolerance Trust

Sponsor: The Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust

  • Project Team:
    Liz Kelly