Rape: Strengthening the Linkages – Consolidating the European Network Project

December 1, 2001


This project is a result of recommendations made and first steps taken from a previous Daphne-funded Project (Rape the Forgotten Issue). The role of CWASU in this multi-stranded project was to update our earlier research on attrition rates across Europe.

This project resulted in the publication of a briefing documentRape: Still a Forgotten Issue. This built upon the previous Daphne Project Rape: the Forgotten Issue.

CWASU was also commissioned to prepare a briefing paper on best practice with regard to forensic medical examinations of survivors of sexual violence, and produced the report Good Practice in Medical Responses to Recently Reported Rape, Especially Forensic Examinations, which is also available in French.

Grant Holder: The Network of Rape Crisis Centres, Ireland with CWASU as research partners

Sponsor: The European Commission Daphne Programme