Project Documentation 1998-1999 (Transnational Network of Experts from NGO Women Projects in Great Britain and Germany for Optimising the Action Against Domestic Violence)

January 1, 1999


The aim of this transnational project is to promote an exchange of preventative work and training concepts in responding to domestic violence by establishing a bi-national network of workers in Britain and Germany. The project promotes quality assurance in NGO women’s projects in the areas of service provision, preventative work and training for employees and volunteers. In the project report CWASU provides an overview of responses to domestic violence in England and Wales and presents the results of an external evaluation of the project from the British perspective.

Main Findings:

  1. There was clear agreement between participants and organisations in both Britain and Germany that their work with women is founded on a feminist perspective.
  2. The same concerns about the impacts on children of living with domestic violence exist in both countries and refuges in both have a history of providing work with children alongside work with their mothers.
  3. There are a number of major differences between Britain and Germany in the way services are funded, however, for small NGOs in both countries the absence of long-term, adequate funding is the same, placing severe limitations on the services that can be provided to women and children.
  4. Although there are some major differences in terms of country of origin for migrant and asylum-seeking women, the issues for these women ‘on the ground’ are similar in both countries.
  5. In relation to migrant women in prostitution, however, although there are some migrant and ‘trafficked’ women in off-street prostitution in Britain, the numbers are small in comparison to the situation in Germany.
  6. The NGOs in Germany that provide services to young women highlighted almost exactly the same issues facing similar NGOs in Britain, particularly with regard to young homeless women who enter prostitution.
  7. Both German and UK project participants were largely unaware of developments at a European level on violence against women generally and domestic violence in particular.

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Grant Holder: Paritatisches Bildungswerk Germany with Newham Action Against Domestic Violence (NAADV) as project partner and CWASU as external evaluators

Sponsor: The European Commission Daphne Programme