Moving On Up: How women and children rebuild their lives after domestic violence

This project was aimed to improve the quality of life for women and child survivors of domestic violence by identifying the factors that support long-term re-settlement and lead to independence.

April 22, 2010


While crisis interventions are well developed and the criminal justice response has improved greatly, little is known about the broader, long-term re-settlement needs once service users cease contact with agencies.

Solace Women’s Aid lead the project working with the research team at CWASU. The project outcomes will help achieve the programme outcomes through gaining insight into which factors support re-settlement and independence in the long-term, how obstacles to re-settlement can be overcome, and how communities can develop their potential for the long-term prevention of domestic violence. For a three-year period the project will track 100 women and their children, identify safety, support, and re-settlement needs, and gain a better understanding of how these interface and develop over time.

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