Manual for European police forces on policing violence against women

January 1, 2000


The Council of Europe commissioned the work for The VIP Guide: Vision, Innovation and Professionalism in Policing Violence Against Women and Children.

The title of this document refers to three aspects of police work that can transform responses to violence against women: Vision, Innovation and Professionalism. The VIP Guide is an awareness-raising tool; it is designed for self-directed study and personal development by individual police officers and also has a second subsidiary role as a resource for police trainers. It is unique in the range of forms of violence it addresses, and in its focus on Europe.

The Guide:

  • provides access to the Vision and understanding which has informed new police responses to violence against women;
  • gives examples of Innovation within European policing;
  • enables police officers using it to develop their Professionalism;
  • offers trainers and managers a resource to inform their efforts to develop good practice.

It contains:

  • up-to-date information on violence against women and current good practice with respect to rape and sexual assault; domestic violence; criminal harassment/stalking; sexual abuse in childhood; trafficking in women; honour killings; harmful cultural practices and sexual harassment;
  • a human rights framework for understanding and responding to these crimes;
  • tools to use in investigations;
  • advice for police managers;
  • tips for trainers.

It provides police officers with the opportunity to:

  • update their knowledge;
    read and reflect on victims’/survivors’ experiences, offenders’ views and the perspectives of fellow officers;
    consider some of the common misunderstandings in this area and assess their own practice;
  • improve professional investigation and evidence gathering techniques;
  • improve relationships with victims of these crimes;
  • consider ways that policy and practice in their own station/region could be developed;
  • consider the opportunities and advantages of inter-agency work.

The Guide can be viewed at the Council of Europe website.

Sponsor: The Council of Europe ‘Police and Human Rights Programme’

  • Project Team:
    Liz Kelly