Hidden Depths – a detailed study of rape crisis data

Prof Liz Kelly & Joanna Lovett from The Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit and Rape Crisis England and Wales will be presenting the research findings from this 2-year ESRC-funded partnership project on data gathered by Rape Crisis Centres in England at LondonMet on 30th November.

December 1, 2014


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This project seeks to address significant gaps in understandings and responses to sexual violence. It will lead to theory development and practical outcomes capable of influencing practice within RCCs and through their advocacy role at local, regional and national levels that reaches practitioners and policy makers in the field.

The broad aims of the project are as follows:

  • Profile the characteristics, including health/mental health, of sexual violence victim-survivors contacting RCCs,
    perpetrators, the contexts in which abuse takes place, and the outcomes of interventions;
  • Explore the interplay of individual, relationship, community and wider social factors and inequalities in victimisation,
    perpetration and outcomes for victim-survivors;
  • Work with SERICC and other RCCs to improve the quality of data collection, analysis and use within all RCCs that is
    more responsive to the needs of service users and local/national priorities.

Within this, the specific objectives are:

  1. To link the existing DPMS dataset from 8 RCCs with 3 historic pre-DPMS RCC datasets;
  2. To increase the size of the sample covered by extending the analysis to data derived from additional RCCs using the
    DPMS over the course of the project;
  3. To conduct detailed analysis of the resulting dataset of sexual violence cases;
  4. To form a working group of RCC data managers and hold workshops that will guide analysis, including testing some of
    the tacit, practice-based knowledge held in RCCs, improve the quality of data collection, and explore ways of applying
    research findings to RC work;
  5. To design a reporting template for RCCs suited to national strategic as well as local needs.
  • Project Team:
    Joanna Lovett, Prof Liz Kelly