Give ‘n’ Get Project

"Consent is not an abstract legal concept in young peoples' lives, but an issue which connects gender and victim blame in many and complex ways."

March 4, 2013


The Give ‘n’ Get project is a research project conducted by the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit at London Met in 2013. CWASU was funded by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner to conduct in-depth research into how young people in England and Wales aged 13-18 understand sexual consent. In particular the research looked at what informs, influences and constrains young people’s perceptions of sexual consent and their decision-making processes.

The Give and Get Consent‌ Report (created by Rape Crisis South London in partnership with the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner and the End Violence Against Women Coalition), is a key document for anyone involved in working with young people around these issues. In addition, many professionals including teachers, peer facilitators and others, requested use of the short films for their own work in talking to young people about sexual consent, the law on rape, and the myths surrounding sexual violence. It was in response to these requests that a unique partnership was formed of researchers, frontline sexual violence workers and campaigners to create this resource. The aim is to provide practitioners, teachers and other youth professionals with a compact set of tools for delivering high quality education on sexual consent over five interconnected lessons.

For further details about the project, please contact the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit: