Evaluation of the WORTH Project

July 15, 2006


The WORTH Project is a multi-agency funded pilot project at a hospital, that is currently training all relevant staff in the Accident and Emergency and Maternity Departments to undertake screening for domestic violence. The Project will also provide specially-trained staff based within the hospital, who will offer a wide range of support services to those who disclose. Employing a multi-methodological strategy, this Evaluation is currently assessing the impact and effectiveness of both the screening process and the intervention itself in terms of reducing repeat victimisation, and involves the following:

  • the development of a relational database to monitor and track cases across the service;
  • questionnaires and focus groups with hospital staff in order to evaluate the training that they have received to respond appropriately to domestic violence;
  • focus groups with Project staff to explore issues arising from the implementation of the intervention;
  • structured telephone interviews with multi-agency partners to assess the need for, impact and effectiveness of the Project;
  • questionnaires or telephone interviews with service users to gather information on their use and experience of the Project and other related domestic violence services, and to establish the need for further services;
  • a number of in-depth case studies involving service users, Project staff and any other relevant agencies, which will explore the operation of the Project ‘on the ground’.

Grant Holder: CWASU

Sponsor: West Sussex Health Promotion

  • Project Team:
    Linda Regan