Evaluation of the Portsmouth Early Intervention Project

January 1, 2002


This project is an ongoing evaluation of the Portsmouth Domestic Violence Early Intervention Project (EIP).
EIP is a pilot project based in Portsmouth that aims to reduce repeat victimisation by providing support andinformation about the options available to anyone experiencing domestic violence at the point of crisis.

The project is currently continuing on the basis of previous findings, which have been published. See Evaluation of the Portsmouth Domestic Violence Early Intervention Project (EIP)(2002).


  • analysis of a relational database created to monitor and track cases across the service;
  • focus groups with Project staff to explore issues arising from the implementation of the intervention;
  • questionnaires with service users to gather information on their use and experience of the Project and other related domestic violence services, and to establish the need for further service;
  • Interviews with key informants.

Grant Holder: CWASU

Sponsor: Consortium of local agencies/Urban Renewal fund

  • Project Team:
    Linda Regan