Challenging Domestic Violence: A Training and Resource Pack

January 1, 1990


This Training and Resource Pack is aimed at anyone wanting to address domestic violence in their work or community setting. It is based on the Multi-Disciplinary Training for Trainers course conducted by the authors in 1989. The Pack is designed to provide simple ideas for organising and conducting training around domestic violence. It provides information, discussions and a set of structured exercises to explore what domestic violence is, its impact on women and children, and some of the stereotypes about violence in the home. The Pack provides the fundamentals to domestic violence training – these can be used to develop other exercises which are more directly related to the needs and work of a particular community.

PLEASE NOTE: This Pack is now quite dated and is no longer available from CWASU.

Grant Holder: CWASU

Sponsor: The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Community Safety Unit

  • Project Team:
    Andrea TaraChand, Liz Kelly