Best practice Training and Materials for Working with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence and Their (ex) Partners

January 1, 2000


Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP)

In January 2000 DVIP and its European partners received Daphne funding for a project which aims to promote best practice with regard to domestic violence intervention both within the UK and across other European countries. The first stage of the project involved DVIP producing a comprehensive manual on all aspects of its work. This manual, comprising three volumes, covers the principles and understandings of their programme, procedural information, policy considerations, organisational, structural and inter-agency issues, as well as the practicalities of service delivery to men, women and children in a domestic violence intervention setting. Detailed information is provided on extensive group work programmes for abusers and their (ex)partners.

The section on Evaluation within Volume One of the Guide to Domestic Violence Intervention Work provides a guide to an integrated monitoring and evaluation component that all domestic violence intervention projects should incorporate into their work. Evaluation may involve ongoing internal self-monitoring or a more comprehensive time-limited approach to be undertaken by external evaluators. The following issues are considered:

  • carrying out an evaluation of intervention programmes – the associated research issues;
  • how to measure success;
  • addressing risk;
  • ongoing self-monitoring;
  • comprehensive external evaluation;
  • how to work with programmes;
  • qualitative and quantitative measures;
  • evaluation of training and campaigning.

Internal Report: Working Towards Safety – A Guide to Domestic Violence Intervention Work

A three volume pack which covers;

Volume One: Intervention Work
Volume Two: Women’s Services
Volume Three: Perpetrator Services

PLEASE NOTE: The DVIP Working Towards Safety Manual is only available from DVIP to those undertaking their training.

Grant Holder: The Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP) with CWASU as external evaluators

Sponsor: The European Commission Daphne Fund and The Staples Trust