Barnardo’s Centre of Expertise

November 21, 2016


Barnardo’s was awarded a grant by the Home Office to set up a new national Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation for England and Wales that will act as a focal point for identifying, generating and sharing high quality evidence on what works to prevent and tackle Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Sexual Abuse.

In support of the work of the Centre, Barnardo’s and CWASU at London Metropolitan University entered into a Collaborative Working Arrangement for CWASU to support the aims and purpose of the Centre, where CWASU will produce a Scoping Study, conduct expert workshops and produce a Framework Paper. Two reports have been written by CWASU as part of the project.

Key Messages from Research on Child Sexual Exploitation

These short ‘Key Messages from Research’ bring together current research on child sexual exploitation with implications for practice and strategic commissioning. ‘Key Messages’ include four tailored for specific professional groups and one for the multi-agency team.  Three are paired – with one for frontline practitioners and one for commissioners.

The aim is to increase professionals’ confidence in taking appropriate action based on the best current research evidence. Each Key Message looks at understanding what child sexual exploitation is and at best practice in supporting young people, disrupting and prosecuting offenders, and preventing CSE.

The researchers who produced these papers, alongside that task, also produced the paper Gaps in the Knowledge Base, that highlights areas where more research is particularly needed.

Scoping report on Measuring the scale and changing nature of child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation in England and Wales

This new scoping report was written by CWASU, working with the Centre of Expertise.

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