ACPO Risk Assessment Evaluation

January 10, 2005


Risk assessment has become an increasingly significant aspect of police work in relation to domestic violence. The London Metropolitan Police developed a risk assessment process, as the result of findings from a project on Domestic Violence Murder Reviews for London in 2003. This risk assessment has been implemented in a pilot programme across London and West Yorkshire.

This project aimed to independently evaluate the effect of this risk assessment model, by assessing whether the model;

  • Complies with the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) guidelines on risk assessment;
  • Addresses victims needs in terms of risk;
  • Compliments safety planning;
  • Can be managed with police force limitations;
  • Can be applied irrespective of geography, community or policing variables.


  • Documentary analysis of the ACPO risk assessment policy and the London Met Risk Assessment Model to assess the extent of harmony or contradiction between these policy documents;
  • Structured interviews with police officers at different levels in the police force, who are implementing or managing police in relation to the Risk Assessment Model;
  • Structured interviews with professionals in a selected number of agencies which support survivors;
  • Semi-structured interviews with a selected group of survivors who have experienced the Risk Assessment Analysis of the database recording risk assessments.
  • Data collection and analysis from a sample of police records of domestic violence cases

See Report: Prevention not Prediction? A preliminary evaluation of the Metropolitan Police Domestic Violence Risk Assessment Model (SPECSS) and select 2005 tab

Grant Holder: University of Warwick

Sponsor: London Metropolitan Police

  • Project Team:
    Andy Gibson, Catherine Humphreys, Jo Lovett, Linda Regan, Lorna M Dubois, Ravi K. Thiara