Weaving the Web project evaluation

CWASU has been commissioned to provide an external evaluation service to Rape Crisis England & Wales' (RCEW) Weaving the Web project delivery

January 20, 2018

The main aims of this project is to work with RCEW to evaluate the methods, processes and procedures used to develop the project and delivery on the project outcomes, including the development of an online platform for women and girl survivors of sexual violence.
In addition, the evaluation will also assess and evidence overall progress towards the following outcomes:
  • Increased provision of holistic, person centred approaches for women and girls at risk
  • increased role and voice for women and girls in co-producing services
  • A greater number of women and girls are supported through the provision of improved specialist support
  • Better quality of evidence for what works in empowering women and girls
CWASU will work collaboratively with RCEW in
  • developing their monitoring and evaluation systems
  • define their evaluation questions and develop their evaluation framework
  • secure ethical approval from London Met’s Ethics Review Panel for the evaluation research
  • develop an outcomes framework for the project
  • complete a literature review
  • evaluate each year of the project
  • Project Team:
    Jo Lovett, Liz Kelly