A study of use of bail in rape cases

January 24, 2019

London Metropolitan University’s Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU) has today published former MA student Sarah Learmonth’s dissertation, ‘A system to keep me safe: study of bail use in rape cases’, as a resource for criminal justice professionals and sexual violence advocates.

Speaking about the report, Sarah Learmonth said, “By recommending pre-sentencing bail to rapists – often after a conviction has been secured and a custodial sentence is inevitable – judges are either unaware of, or in denial about, the ongoing impact on a survivor of sexual violence of having her attacker free to roam close to where she lives, and all too often in her own home.
This report gives a context to this issue and does, I believe, right some of that historic wrong.”

In support, Prof Liz Kelly, Director of CWASU, said “Survivors of sexual violence do have serious safety concerns, which are poorly understood by agencies. We at CWASU are delighted that another of our MA students has produced ground-breaking research that sheds light on gaps in protection and support.”

‘A system to keep me safe’ is available here.