The VIP Guide: Vision, Innovation and Professionalism in Policing Violence Against Women and Children

September 16, 2000


The title of this document refers to three aspects of police work that can transform responses to violence against women: Vision, Innovation and Professionalism. The VIP Guide is an awareness-raising tool; it is designed for self-directed study and personal development by individual police officers and also has a second subsidiary role as a resource for police trainers. It is unique in the range of forms of violence it addresses, and in its focus on Europe.

Available from: The Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit Free, £1.50 p&p

View the Guide at the Council of Europe website.

The VIP Guide has also been translated into Russian and this version is available directly from the Council of Europe Police and Human Rights Programme, email:

The VIP Guide has also recently been translated into Spanish by the British Council, available from the British Council Chile.

Project: Manual for European police forces on policing violence against women


  • Authors:
    Liz Kelly