Stopping Traffic: Exploring the Extent of, and Responses to, Trafficking in Women for Sexual Exploitation in the UK

September 16, 2000


This report presents the findings of research carried out to assess the nature and extent of trafficking in women for the purposes of sexual exploitation and the law enforcement responses in the UK. This study is primarily based on a survey of police forces, placing this within the wider context of national and international law and policy. It estimates the number of women trafficked into conditions of sexual slavery, explores the ways in which they are trafficked and the responses of all relevant agencies, especially law enforcement agencies, in tackling and preventing such trafficking.

Available to view at the Home Office website.

See Project: Trafficking in Women – the UK context

Available from: The Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit Free, £1.00 p&p
and The Home Office.

  • Authors:
    Linda Regan, Liz Kelly