Splintered Lives: Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Context of Children’s Rights and Child Protection

September 16, 1995


This document arose out of the work of the European Forum for Child Welfare, drawing on papers and discussions from two European conferences on Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation held in London and Brussels in 1995. The report summarises what is currently known about the sexual exploitation of children; documents responses to sexual exploitation in terms of legislation, policy and practice; explores the interconnectedness of pornography, prostitution and trafficking; examines the routes in and out of, and the impacts of, sexual exploitation; highlights gaps in knowledge and in the policy framework; places all of the above in a children’s rights and child protection context, and focuses on Britain, whilst also taking account of both the European and global contexts.

See Project: What is known about child sexual exploitation in the UK

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  • Authors:
    Linda Regan, Liz Kelly, Rachel Wingfield, Sheila Burton
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