Sexual Assault Referral Centres: developing good practice and maximising potentials

July 1, 2004


Home Office Research Study 285.
Extract from Foreword;
‘This report is one of a series of reports, which specifically reports on the findings from the evaluation of a number of projects, which were funded to support victims in the aftermath of rape. This specific report focuses on the contribution of Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs), and provides a valuable insight into the type of services that are needed to support victims in the aftermath of a traumatic crime such as rape. The findings are timely as many years after the original SARC in Manchester was established, a number of new SARCs have recently been established and several more are in the development stage’.

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Project: Evaluation of the Crime Reduction Programme Violence Against Women Rape Projects, and a Linked National Evaluation of Sexual Assault Referral Centres

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  • Authors:
    Jo Lovett, Linda Regan, Liz Kelly