Rape: Still a Forgotten Issue

September 16, 2003


This paper is one element of a much larger project seeking to develop and strengthen links between European women’s NGOs working on rape. It builds on the previous Daphne Project Rape the Forgotten Issue (Kelly and Regan, 2001 – see below also). This report presents updated attrition data across a number of European countries, and shows how the rates of conviction for rape continue to fall to a contemporary all-time low in much of the EU and beyond.

Also available to view at the Rape Crisis Network Europe website.

The Attrition Charts appended to the report are available separately from the link below.

Project: Rape: Strengthening the Linkages – Consolidating the European Network Project

Available from: The Rape Crisis Network Europe www.rcne.com and the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit £5.00/€7.50 plus £1.00/€1.50 p&p