‘If only we’d known’: an exploratory study of seven intimate partner homicides in Engleshire

May 7, 2008


During one year there were five cases of intimate partner femicide (IPF) in Engleshire two of which involved perpetrator suicide. This cluster of cases were unusual in that there had been no prior agency involvement and, it appeared, minimal previous violence. This report addresses the knowledge of informal network members about these cases, the current knowledge base on IPF among professionals, and the relevance of risk assessment and management models to the Engleshire cases. The key research question was to examine what families and wider informal networks knew about the couple’s relationship during the period leading up to the victim’s death, to enhance understanding of femicide and improve agency responses.

  • Authors:
    Linda Regan, Liz Kelly, Anne Morris, Rebecca Dibb
  • Attachment:
    If only we'd known