Risking Our Lives: Intimate Partner Homicide in Ireland

September 20, 2010


Intimate partner homicide (IPH), the murder of a person by their (ex) partner, is an under-explored issue. Globally, the majority of victims of IPH are women, and perpetrators men; with IPH the leading cause of violent death for women (UN, 2006). New approaches to addressing IPH in the US and England and Wales centre on Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs), which involve sharing information between statutory agencies, NGOs and family and other informal network members. DHRs aim to identify missed opportunities for intervention, gaps in service provision and possibilities for prevention.

This report, commissioned by Dublin Women’s Aid, presents the findings of a study into IPH in Ireland, commissioned by Women’s Aid. It has several aims:

– to explore the number and quality of interventions with victims and perpetrators of domestic homicide;
– to identify routes for improved responses;
– to develop recommendations for enhancing protection and support for women at risk of IPH;
– through assessment of emerging international policy and practice to explore the potential and necessary steps for introducing DHRs in Ireland.

  • Project Team:
    Kerry Lee, Linda Regan, Liz Kelly