National Violence Against Women Strategies

May 3, 2005


Linked to Amnesty International UK’s support for What a Waste: The Case for an Integrated Violence Against Women Strategy, Jo Lovett was commissioned to undertake a small study of countries where such an approach has already been adopted. The work involved locating countries with a national strategy or Plan of Action and canvassing the views of women’s NGOs and government officials about their effectiveness.

The main findings were:

  • There are at least 15 countries, covering each continent of the globe, with such a strategy or plan, and at least six more countries in the process of developing one.
  • The most common approach is a national Plan of Action.
  • Scotland and Morocco were the only countries to define their approach a ‘national strategy’.
  • A number focus explicitly or implicitly on domestic violence only.
  • Some are located within Plans of Action on gender equality.
  • The positive impacts of the strategies/plans included increased awareness of violence against women among the general public and government departments, increased inter-agency links, policy reviews and new legislation, research and the development of innovative projects.
  • The main limitations identified were inadequate resources, lack of involvement of certain sectors in the work of the strategy/plan, political changes affecting the policy emphasis and not including a broad range of forms of violence against women within the remit.

See Report: Briefing document on strategic approaches to addressing violence against women

See also Project: Violence against women strategy

Grant Holder: Child and Women Abuse Studies Unit

Sponsor: Amnesty International

  • Project Team:
    Jo Lovett