British Council Directory of UK Resources on Violence Against Women

January 1, 2001


As part of their efforts to promote gender equality and the status of women around the world, the British Council commissioned CWASU to compile its extensive knowledge of the institutions, organisations and individuals in the UK that are working in the field of violence against women. The Directory is intended to inform British Council headquarters’ gender, law and human rights advisers in their work, by identifying relevant organisations and individuals responding to the issue of violence against women in the UK which could act as either visit centres for overseas British Council contacts, or as consultants or partners for British Council overseas projects. The Directory contains a range of examples of work being undertaken in a number of key areas. Many of those included are widely considered to be some of the most successful and innovative projects in the field. An attempt has also been made to incorporate organisations and individuals from as broad a geographical distribution across the UK as possible.

View the Directory at the British Council website.

Sponsor: The British Council


  • Project Team:
    Rachel Wingfield, Ruth Breslin