Abuse of Women in the Home: Advice and Information

January 1, 1990


This is an advice and information pack on the abuse of women and children in the home. It is designed to inform women who are experiencing abuse themselves by providing practical information on stopping, escaping from and surviving a violent situation. The pack is also accessible to professionals and all those individuals women experiencing violence may approach for support. The pack contains:

  • details of the myths and stereotypes that commonly surround the issue of violence against women and children in the home;
  • how to raise these issues – a guide for advice workers and friends;
  • information on what a woman can do if she is being abused;
  • details on the role of the police and their powers in this context;
  • refuge information;
  • legal issues pertaining to women’s rights;
  • information on welfare benefits for women;
  • housing information;
  • health issues;
  • responses to children living with violence;
  • information on establishing support groups for women who have experienced violence;
  • survival – an exploration of life after abuse;
  • a list of advice agencies and a relevant reading list.

PLEASE NOTE: This Pack is now quite dated and is no longer available from CWASU.

Grant Holder: CWASU

Sponsor: Hammersmith and Fulham Council Community and Police Committee

  • Project Team:
    Alison McGibbon, Liz Kelly