Final Report of Activities of the EG-S-VL (Group of Specialists for Combating Violence Against Women): The COE Plan of Action for Combating Violence Against Women

September 16, 1997


This Group of Specialists for combating violence against women was established to develop this Plan of Action under the auspices of the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee for Equality between Women and Men. Their work comprised a series of two-day meetings, the commissioning of a European
comparative legal study and a survey of relevant government agencies, NGOs, women’s organisations and other groups responding to violence against women. Liz Kelly of CWASU undertook most of the work for the final drafting of the Plan of Action. Part 1 deals with the overall context, including definitions, the scale of the problem of violence against women and current barriers to change. Part 2 comprises the Plan of Action.

Available from: The Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit Free, £1.00 p&p

Also from: Division Equality between Women and Men, Directorate General of Human Rights – DG II, Council of Europe, F – 67075 Strasbourg CEDEX, France

See Project: Council of Europe Plan of Action for the group of specialists (EG-S-VL) on violence against women

  • Authors:
    Liz Kelly